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Slot Car Racing is a great hobby that brings families and friends closer in friendly, healthy, competition. This unique hobby gained popularity in the 1960s and now it is bigger than ever! 


Slot Car Racing requires you to drive your car on the edge without pushing it past it's limits.

Anyone from 2 to 102 can enjoy the fast-paced excitement of Slot Car Racing and have fun!

Slot Car Racing is easy to get started in, but difficult to master. As you practice to improve your racing skills, you will go faster for the win!

Fast Track Hobbies hosts organized races, special events, parties, clubs and meetings.

Drive your own Slot Car, rent a Slot Car or just come in and watch!

an orange Slot Car races on the Purple Angel track during Fast Track Hobbies weekly races.

Slot Car Rentals

Includes: Race car, Controller and Time  on a Lane

  • 15 Minutes $5

  • 30 Minutes $10

  • 45 Minutes $15

Track Time Only

Bring your own car and controller


  • 15 Minutes

  • 2 Hour Card

  • 5 Hour Card


Slot Cars lining up to race on the Purple Angel Slot Car Track.

165' Purple Angel Slot Car Track

The “Angel” was built by Chris Dadds and is the gran-daddy of track designs. This HUGE track combines hill climb and flat track racing into one fantastic experience!

Lap times under 5 seconds are common... FAST!

the 120ft Red Kinglman

120' Red Kingleman Slot Car Track

Our "Kingleman" is actually a Reverse Kingleman based off the much larger Blue Kings. It features moderate banking and can be a challenge for faster cars but is perfect for kids. This track was built by Steve Ogilvie

the 135 ft Yellow Dragon Slot Car Track

135' Yellow Dragon Slot Car Track

The "Dragon" is a very tight road course with a large donut. Built by Cruisin' Bob, this track is one of our most challenging! This track will test the mettle of any driver!

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